Hubward and Wheelwise

From Hub to Wheel you wont find a better meal
Some campaign and starting location notes.

Firstly let me say welcome friends and co-authors of our grand adventure.  I look forward to spending some time scratching in the fine details of this story with your heroes, and maybe occasionally killing them (I joke, i joke).  This article is to act as a jumping off point for our story. It will in the broadest of terms sketch out the current location, geo politics , race relations etc.  

Imagine a roughly circular continent with a landlocked sea in its center. This land is known simply as The Hub, and the ocean surrounding it is know as the Winding Wheel.  The Hubsea is the name of the landlocked body of water mentioned earlier.  Along the shores of the Hubsea lie the four provincial capitals of the Gylaidas, The empire of light, a elven kingdom stretching across most of the inhabited land of the Hub.  In the center of the Hubsea lies Melaoan the floating capital of the empire. 

Feeding into the Hubsea from the spin(read south) is the Herrington River.  This river emerges from the Herringbone Mountains carving a shallow and wide valley towards the sea.  Just a days journey from where this river emerges lies Herrington Head. The Breadbasket of the Empire. A large amount of grain is grown on either side of the river, brought to Herrington Head  and sent down the river in large barges for the five star cities of the Empire.   

Herrington Head is at heart a human city, and is one of the oldest human cities in the Hub.  It also houses the largest Halfling population in the Hub.  Because of its significance in terms of access from the Hubsea to the Empire it was quickly acquired by the Gylaidas elves upon their arrival from to the Hub a millennia ago.  However its distance spinward has also meant it was more of a colonial holding than considered the Empire proper.   Its relationship with the Empire was stretched even further when  the Lordling  who held the the tithe and title was deposed by a rebellion of the common folk some fifty years back.  Very few of the Humans that where directly involved with the revolt are left living, but what is known is that the Lordling had made some kind of pact with a unknown power, and had been acting out his own destructive schemes, and not the will of the Empress for some time.  When proper contact with the Empire was reestablished it was decided that no elven lordling or lass would over watch the Herrington vale again; so long as the people provide their now much reduced taxes/troop consignment/ etc.  The new found freedom has resulted in Herrington Head growing  from small farm village to major port and trading hub.  All creatures of the hub can be found here even Dwarves from the mountain clans ( no friend to the empire proper). 

And so life has continued in the vale much as it always had with hard work and song from field to hill, from den to inn.  Such a inn stands in front of you right in the center of the city of Herrington Head.  The sign reads "Moraines Tears" bellow that is the painting of a basic  nature.  A sickle crossed by wheat next to several drop of water.  Under that is a newer sign that reads in both common and elven "From Hub to Wheel you wont find a better meal!"


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